Tips preparing for marriage with

Getting married is a big event experienced by someone, especially by women. Since wedding celebrations will only be done once in a lifetime, surely many of you who want to be full of memories. Make it a memorable and unforgettable wedding. Therefore, women are usually very detailed in the preparation of marriage and can not wait to make the desired wedding party hampered by high costs. Actually to make a memorable wedding, not only have to cost high ladies. Please distinguish the meaning from memorable and luxurious you certainly can a simple and unforgettable wedding what to do is to pay attention to some details below.

Before doing a wedding, you will certainly make a plan first. So when you make the plan, you can read some tips presented by a female to help you overcome the financial problems for the wedding. Things to do are:

  1. When you have decided to marry, immediately discuss your plans with the family. Be honest with the budget you and your partner have never had any harm. Because usually, every family member has a solution of the problems you will face. Who knows they have acquaintances from the caterer, photographer, invite or location that can help you and reduce costs.
  2. Make a list price and budget costs so you can be more flexible in choosing what is needed during the wedding. Do not spend unnecessary things. You also do not have to force yourself to buy things that are complementary and beyond the budget.
    3. Determine the location of the wedding, if you plan to hold a wedding ceremony in the house you can make savings on rental costs. If you are going to have a wedding party in the building, please choose a building with an inviting capacity. Do not choose a building that is too big.
  3. Determine the number of invites as soon as possible. Think about how many guests you will invite to your wedding. If it is family and close friends only, catering can be done alone or with pairs of peers and family.
  4. One-day event procession between the marriage ceremony and the reception. Jump on consecutive hours for additional charges. So after the conclusion of the marriage contract, thank can be done immediately.
  5. When you plan to buy clothes for wedding uniforms. It is advisable to buy it in the months of March to June. Because in those months, the price of materials is falling. Avoid buying materials ahead of the big day because you will get a pretty high price.
  6. Choose a wedding preparation in the form of a package. When you choose a building, they will usually offer wedding packages in all-in-one form. Choose packages that are already available catering, decorations, photos, wedding dress, and makeup. Options are quite diverse ladies and the price is cheaper when you choose the type of wedding package.
  7. Had time to attend the event, the friendship of your close friends to sing during the reception. So you can also cut the budget to get the event and the intimacy of the show because the singing is your own friends.
  8. Be creative when creating invitations. Spend time well before the event to try to make the invitations you want and the results. In addition to the cheaper price can reach, you also have time to get closer to the couple. You can also use social networking in a way that is unique to spread invitations. Believe ladies, hard copy invitations will only be valid for 10 minutes. When the guests you invite already know dim the detail of your marriage like the location, time and place than the garbage bin that will accommodate the former invitation.
    10. Same with the invitation, if you are really very very creative to make your own souvenir. Choose recycled materials with interesting motifs.