Tips on selecting lipstick colors for wedding

Almost everyone expects to get married once. They also want the best in marriage, including choosing lipstick. In order to appear perfect, selected lipstick also needs to be adjusted to skin color. Lipstick has become a mandatory thing every woman. This tiny object can also increase the attractiveness of women when used on the wedding day. However, you should not choose wrong in using lipstick at the wedding reception. Before using lipstick, you should first adjust the skin color to make your appearance more fascinating. Here is a lipstick color to match a woman’s skin color. Remember that not every lipstick used by women is suitable for you to use:

White skin

White women actually match any kind of bright colored lipstick like fuschia, flaming red, coral, bright orange, to light purple. Then if you do not want to look pale, you can use a bright pink color that will Blush your face so it can be more fascinating.

Yellow skin

Linear yellow skin can also use all the colors of bright lipstick. During the day, you can wear orange coral and pink fuschia shades. Then when at night comes, you can use crimson color, purple berry, or deep burgundy. Do not use color lipstick terra cotta because it will make the appearance of the lips tend to lead to brown.

Brown skin

Suitable lipstick colors are marsala, cherry red, red rose, burgundy red and raspberry. Try the colors on your wedding day. When avoiding coral, orange, and bright purple colors for tan skin.

Color of dark skin lipstick

Lipstick for dark-skinned women can apply bright colors such as tangerine, fuschia, or coral pink for daylight. While at night the color choices are a vivid red, plum, and raspberry. Should not use dark brown color to make your appearance is not darker.

That’s some tips from us in choosing a lipstick for the wedding. Hopefully can be an inspiration and useful. Good luck