Tips on decorating a wedding car with flowers

Flowers are the best decoration for a wedding car. Lots of bridal cars decorated with ornamental flowers, from the original or artificial flowers or artificial, both still will look very beautiful and beautiful attached to the body of the car. The ornamental flowers of the bridal car generally do not have a size that is too large, usually small or maybe medium size. To be able to juggle a car to be beautiful with ornamental flowers, the bridal car is very necessary to combine the color of the car with the color of ornamental flowers that we want to use.

In addition, the theme of the wedding should also be a major concern in installing decorative car flowers. Actually, we can just put decorative flowers car with all the decorative flowers as we please, but by looking at the theme of the wedding than the atmosphere of marriage will be more meaningful and have its own impression. Usually, the ornamental flower of the bridal car is designed and shaped like a small corsage and to keep it firmly attached usually to the side pinned on the car’s door handle, for the rear will usually be mounted on the bumper. As for the front that will be the core of the ornamental car, flowers are usually placed on the car glass frame or hood of the front of the car.

One more, ribbons are the best friends of the bridal car flowers. By combining the ornamental flowers of the bridal car with a series of ribbon that is linked to other car parts will look more festive and beautiful. For ribbon color also need to be adjusted to the color of flowers and color of the car that will serve as a special car bride.

Now it is already a tren every bride and groom use wedding car when going to the wedding ceremony, the majority of people who do this are the upper middle class. Seeing the many people who use the wedding car with flower decoration, the artisans of ornamental flowers are increasingly emerging. In fact, many also people who also sell ornamental flowers car bride either a temporary or permanent nature can not be damaged alias. That’s some tips to decorate a wedding car with flowers. May be useful