Tips on Choosing Cakes for Wedding

Wedding cake is one important aspect of a wedding. Not only as an “accessory” in the reception hall alone, wedding cake in the wedding is also a symbol of celebration of love and the symbol of the start of a new family life with a partner. Therefore, many couples who want to make their wedding cake look special. In order to realize the dream wedding cake, try to do the tip below.

Learn the preferred bakery website

After choosing the desired cake shop, try to look back at the creative work that has been made on their official website or social media. Find the most eye-catching theme, design, and detail, then try to imagine what kind of cake you want from the designs.

Make a cake a complement to a wedding reception

Indeed, the wedding cake must appear to blend with the concept of the party. Think about the theme of the used decor, the model of the wedding dress worn (lace or ruffle), the location (ballroom or outdoors), or the theme (natural, modern, rustic). Then choose a cake design that is tailored to the overall element of the party so that it becomes a neat unity.

Consider form and arrangement

Do you want a storied cake with buffer poles, or would prefer a wedding cake piled with each other? For shapes, choose a classic round shape cake, or try a different one with a box shape, hexagonal, or even asymmetric.

Choose buttercream or fondant

This usually depends on the selected design. Buttercream usually tastes better, while the fondant is tidier and sugar icing is easier to shape so it’s easier to accommodate any desired design.

It’s time to be decorated

Sugar can be formed into various shapes, such as flowers, fruit, sculpture, or jewelry. You can match the cake design with the color of wedding theme or bridesmaid dress.

Choose a taste and matching fields

The wedding cake is not only about the outside appearance, but also the inside. Therefore it should be nice to eat as well. An experienced wedding cake vendor will offer many selectable flavors, from classic flavors to creative combinations.

How have you been able to determine what kind of wedding cake you want on the wedding day later ?. Good luck