Tips Have a Beautiful Nails Before Wedding

One part of the body that is often missed ahead of the wedding is a nail. Though beautiful nails can perfect your appearance. Toward the wedding day various preparations are done, one of them self-care. However, there is one part of the body that is sometimes forgotten by the bride, the nail. Though beautiful nails can make your wedding perfect. Here are some tips on treating nails before the wedding:

Determine Schedule of Care

The first thing to do is plan the maintenance schedule. You can do it about a month before the wedding day. This is so that the nail results perfectly during the wedding day. Perform periodic nail care. To get a good result can not be obtained only with one arrival.

 Commitment on a regular basis

Doing maintenance requires a special budget, so you have to commit to the cost spent is not in vain. Banish the feeling of laziness to get healthy and beautiful nails on the day of marriage.

Nail Cutting Finger Shaped Hands

Visiting a special nail salon alone is not enough. You can take care of it by cutting the nails in accordance with the shape of the fingers. If the fingers are big and fat, then choose an oval nail shape. This trick can make your fingers look slimmer.

Avoid Too Long Nails

Nails that are too long or short can make you feel uncomfortable on the day of marriage. Because later you will be facing and shaking hands with many guests. The therapist already knows the ideal size of the nail for his client.

Selecting Nail Paint Color In accordance with Theme

If you want to color the nails, then make sure the color of nail polish in accordance with the theme of the wedding. The simplest thing is to choose the color of the gown with the color of the wedding dress. Both aspects must be similar in order to look worth it.