The most luxurious and most expensive wedding in the world

Marriage has always been an interesting topic to talk about. Beautiful dress, family get together, tie up the promise with a loved one and become a queen day always make the wedding impressed fun and deserve to be prepared for the best. Every woman dreams to make her wedding as perfect as possible. Marriage is a sacred moment performed by a pair of mankind. How not, by marriage then the human couple decides to live together under one roof.

Marriage was done in various ways. Some are done in the simple or simple celebration by inviting the closest relatives. However, there are also people who spread out lavishly or massively with the assumption that the moment is only done once in a lifetime. You wonder who the 5 couples whose most expensive wedding party and luxury in the world?

Seemanto Chandni and Sushant richa ($ 128,000,000)

The most luxurious and most expensive wedding to date is owned by Chandni and richa. Couples from India is holding an expensive and exclusive wedding party. Starting from food, souvenirs, wedding venue to wedding cake decorated with ribbon that is studded with diamonds. But not only that, the dress was worn by richa was sewn with gold thread and displayed with diamonds and precious stones. The luxurious Chandni even spoils the invitations that come with 100 dishes and drinks for Ferrari cars. Inevitably, Chandni and Richard’s wedding became the most luxurious and expensive wedding in the world.

Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia ($ 60,000,000)

Vanisha Mittal is the son of one of the richest men in the world, Lakshmi Mittal. The vanish and amit weddings were very luxurious and spoiled his invitation. How not, they have a party for 5 days in a row at the Palace of Versailles and Vaux-le-Vicomte in France. But not enough to get there, invitations that come even get hotel accommodation and free plane tickets. Their wedding reception was accompanied by the melodious sound of singer Kylie Minogue. Vanisha and amit have got the perfect wedding party and the price is not half-hearted, reaching $ 60 million.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana ($ 48,000,000)

The father and mother of Prince William are married with very luxurious equipment, beyond the marriage of their son. Charles was the crown prince of England who fell in love with a simple girl named Diana. Charles and Diana were considered the most suitable couple and Queen Elizabeth did not hesitate to make the wedding of his son luxurious and expensive. Beautiful dress used by princess Diana became one of the legendary wedding dress design. Their wedding party was very luxurious. This divorced two-person marriage cost $ 48 million.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum and Sheikha Hind bint Maktoum ($ 44.5 million)

Rashid is a royal descendant and marriage ceremony celebrated on a large scale. Rashid gave dowries and luxurious gifts for his wife worth more than $ 10 million. Not only parties but also national celebrations in the country, Dubai and national holidays for 5 days. For 5 days the kingdom of Dubai made a party of people and other parties that cost up to $ 44.5 million. This marriage was held in 1979 and immediately became the most expensive wedding party at the time.

Prince William and Kate Middleton ($ 34,000,000)

The most exciting wedding in 2011 is indeed worth mentioning as the most luxurious wedding. Prince William is the heir to the throne of the British kingdom and his marriage is eagerly awaited by all the British people. William and Kate’s wedding was like a fairy tale, a horse-drawn carriage, wearing a white wedding dress and William using a royal dress that made him look very handsome and handsome. It is estimated that more than 2000 guests are invited to weddings and receptions at Buckingham Palace. Kate’s dress alone cost $ 300,000, not to mention party decoration spending more than $ 700,000. When totaled, $ 34 million was spent on this royal wedding fee. No wonder if this wedding became the most expensive wedding in 2011.