The most luxurious and most expensive wedding in the world

Marriage has always been an interesting topic to talk about. Beautiful dress, family get together, tie up the promise with a loved one and become a queen day always make the wedding impressed fun and deserve to be prepared for the best. Every woman dreams to make her wedding as perfect as possible. Marriage is a sacred moment performed by a pair of mankind. How not, by marriage then the human couple decides to live together under one roof.

Marriage was done in various ways. Some are done in the simple or simple celebration by inviting the closest relatives. However, there are also people who spread out lavishly or massively with the assumption that the moment is only done once in a lifetime. You wonder who the 5 couples whose most expensive wedding party and luxury in the world?

Seemanto Chandni and Sushant richa ($ 128,000,000)

The most luxurious and most expensive wedding to date is owned by Chandni and richa. Couples from India is holding an expensive and exclusive wedding party. Starting from food, souvenirs, wedding venue to wedding cake decorated with ribbon that is studded with diamonds. But not only that, the dress was worn by richa was sewn with gold thread and displayed with diamonds and precious stones. The luxurious Chandni even spoils the invitations that come with 100 dishes and drinks for Ferrari cars. Inevitably, Chandni and Richard’s wedding became the most luxurious and expensive wedding in the world.

Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia ($ 60,000,000)

Vanisha Mittal is the son of one of the richest men in the world, Lakshmi Mittal. The vanish and amit weddings were very luxurious and spoiled his invitation. How not, they have a party for 5 days in a row at the Palace of Versailles and Vaux-le-Vicomte in France. But not enough to get there, invitations that come even get hotel accommodation and free plane tickets. Their wedding reception was accompanied by the melodious sound of singer Kylie Minogue. Vanisha and amit have got the perfect wedding party and the price is not half-hearted, reaching $ 60 million.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana ($ 48,000,000)

The father and mother of Prince William are married with very luxurious equipment, beyond the marriage of their son. Charles was the crown prince of England who fell in love with a simple girl named Diana. Charles and Diana were considered the most suitable couple and Queen Elizabeth did not hesitate to make the wedding of his son luxurious and expensive. Beautiful dress used by princess Diana became one of the legendary wedding dress design. Their wedding party was very luxurious. This divorced two-person marriage cost $ 48 million.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum and Sheikha Hind bint Maktoum ($ 44.5 million)

Rashid is a royal descendant and marriage ceremony celebrated on a large scale. Rashid gave dowries and luxurious gifts for his wife worth more than $ 10 million. Not only parties but also national celebrations in the country, Dubai and national holidays for 5 days. For 5 days the kingdom of Dubai made a party of people and other parties that cost up to $ 44.5 million. This marriage was held in 1979 and immediately became the most expensive wedding party at the time.

Prince William and Kate Middleton ($ 34,000,000)

The most exciting wedding in 2011 is indeed worth mentioning as the most luxurious wedding. Prince William is the heir to the throne of the British kingdom and his marriage is eagerly awaited by all the British people. William and Kate’s wedding was like a fairy tale, a horse-drawn carriage, wearing a white wedding dress and William using a royal dress that made him look very handsome and handsome. It is estimated that more than 2000 guests are invited to weddings and receptions at Buckingham Palace. Kate’s dress alone cost $ 300,000, not to mention party decoration spending more than $ 700,000. When totaled, $ 34 million was spent on this royal wedding fee. No wonder if this wedding became the most expensive wedding in 2011.


Tips preparing for marriage with

Getting married is a big event experienced by someone, especially by women. Since wedding celebrations will only be done once in a lifetime, surely many of you who want to be full of memories. Make it a memorable and unforgettable wedding. Therefore, women are usually very detailed in the preparation of marriage and can not wait to make the desired wedding party hampered by high costs. Actually to make a memorable wedding, not only have to cost high ladies. Please distinguish the meaning from memorable and luxurious you certainly can a simple and unforgettable wedding what to do is to pay attention to some details below.

Before doing a wedding, you will certainly make a plan first. So when you make the plan, you can read some tips presented by a female to help you overcome the financial problems for the wedding. Things to do are:

  1. When you have decided to marry, immediately discuss your plans with the family. Be honest with the budget you and your partner have never had any harm. Because usually, every family member has a solution of the problems you will face. Who knows they have acquaintances from the caterer, photographer, invite or location that can help you and reduce costs.
  2. Make a list price and budget costs so you can be more flexible in choosing what is needed during the wedding. Do not spend unnecessary things. You also do not have to force yourself to buy things that are complementary and beyond the budget.
    3. Determine the location of the wedding, if you plan to hold a wedding ceremony in the house you can make savings on rental costs. If you are going to have a wedding party in the building, please choose a building with an inviting capacity. Do not choose a building that is too big.
  3. Determine the number of invites as soon as possible. Think about how many guests you will invite to your wedding. If it is family and close friends only, catering can be done alone or with pairs of peers and family.
  4. One-day event procession between the marriage ceremony and the reception. Jump on consecutive hours for additional charges. So after the conclusion of the marriage contract, thank can be done immediately.
  5. When you plan to buy clothes for wedding uniforms. It is advisable to buy it in the months of March to June. Because in those months, the price of materials is falling. Avoid buying materials ahead of the big day because you will get a pretty high price.
  6. Choose a wedding preparation in the form of a package. When you choose a building, they will usually offer wedding packages in all-in-one form. Choose packages that are already available catering, decorations, photos, wedding dress, and makeup. Options are quite diverse ladies and the price is cheaper when you choose the type of wedding package.
  7. Had time to attend the event, the friendship of your close friends to sing during the reception. So you can also cut the budget to get the event and the intimacy of the show because the singing is your own friends.
  8. Be creative when creating invitations. Spend time well before the event to try to make the invitations you want and the results. In addition to the cheaper price can reach, you also have time to get closer to the couple. You can also use social networking in a way that is unique to spread invitations. Believe ladies, hard copy invitations will only be valid for 10 minutes. When the guests you invite already know dim the detail of your marriage like the location, time and place than the garbage bin that will accommodate the former invitation.
    10. Same with the invitation, if you are really very very creative to make your own souvenir. Choose recycled materials with interesting motifs.


Tips on choosing a drink for a wedding

Most brides are only busy sorting out the types of food that will be served at the wedding reception. Until finally they forget to determine what kind of beverage will be served. After all, if the wedding party only serve drinks in the form of mineral water is certainly less after.

Therefore, you should also consider the type of beverage for wedding reception later. Adjust the type of drink you choose by looking at the time and weather reception will be held. Do not forget to decorate the beverage area to further steal the attention. Varied drinks that are presented with interesting will definitely be targeted by invited guests. Like the following beverages:

Fruit juice, thirst release at noon

When choosing fruit juice as a drink for a wedding reception, choose two or three types of fruit that have a variety of flavors represented. For example, sour orange juice with melon juice that has a sweet taste. Fruit juice more delicious when served while cold to remove the thirst of invited guests.

Infused water, healthy mineral water

Guests may get tired of drinking plain water. So, you can present a healthy infused water as an alternative drink.

Coffee or tea, favorite drink of many people

Coffee and tea are two of our favorite beverages. The good news, coffee or tea is still tasted delicious served in a hot or cold.

Soft drinks, to relieve the mind

It can not be denied that this type of soft drink is close to everyday life. Frothy sensations in this drink also make many people addicted. In serving soft drinks, it is better to present in a fresh state so that sodas do not rush disappear before drinking.

Alcoholic beverages, for night party

Planning to serve an aperitif at your wedding reception? No problem, just make sure that this drink is not reachable by children yes.

Mocktail, fresh drink without alcohol

Basically, a mocktail was created for cocktail lovers without alcohol. Mocktails are made from a variety of juice or fruit juices mixed with light soda. No wonder if this taste is very refreshing. There are also many variations of mocktails, such as lime squash, orange squash, and so forth.


Tips on choosing wedding rings

If you are planning to buy engagement rings, do not be confused. With the right knowledge of what to look for in a ring, along with your happiness to apply for a coveted girl, you will enjoy the process of adjusting new skills in choosing a ring with the money available. In this article, you will learn some of the most important things to consider when choosing engagement rings for the girl you love. Start the process of choosing an engagement ring for your bride and groom:

Choose the right band.

The band is a circular part of the ring on the finger. Bands are usually made of gold, silver, or platinum, although they may be made of a combination of other metals. Notice that the metals rub against each other and affect each other, so you should only wear the same metal rings if used in close proximity:

Choose the right settings and gems.

The setting refers to the part of the ring that binds the gems, attached to the band. Combining platinum settings with gold bands for some reason, such as being able to display the cluster of special and contrasting colors, the diamond does not emit color from gold, and strong platinum.

Check the band’s endurance.

The band’s durability is very important because the constant friction and clash of everyday activities can damage the band. Office work also adversely affects paper because it acts like a fine sandpaper to a gold band. If you can afford it, platinum is a better choice for engagement rings because it is more resistant than gold. [3] titanium and steel are also quite strong, while for gold, the purer the more soft and vulnerable.

Choose the right size.

Choosing the size of the band’s circumference is an important part of choosing the right engagement ring. One way to find out the size of your beloved’s ring is to “borrow” one of the rings he often wears and bring it to the seller to find out what size, just so he does not realize that the ring is not there.


Tips on selecting lipstick colors for wedding

Almost everyone expects to get married once. They also want the best in marriage, including choosing lipstick. In order to appear perfect, selected lipstick also needs to be adjusted to skin color. Lipstick has become a mandatory thing every woman. This tiny object can also increase the attractiveness of women when used on the wedding day. However, you should not choose wrong in using lipstick at the wedding reception. Before using lipstick, you should first adjust the skin color to make your appearance more fascinating. Here is a lipstick color to match a woman’s skin color. Remember that not every lipstick used by women is suitable for you to use:

White skin

White women actually match any kind of bright colored lipstick like fuschia, flaming red, coral, bright orange, to light purple. Then if you do not want to look pale, you can use a bright pink color that will Blush your face so it can be more fascinating.

Yellow skin

Linear yellow skin can also use all the colors of bright lipstick. During the day, you can wear orange coral and pink fuschia shades. Then when at night comes, you can use crimson color, purple berry, or deep burgundy. Do not use color lipstick terra cotta because it will make the appearance of the lips tend to lead to brown.

Brown skin

Suitable lipstick colors are marsala, cherry red, red rose, burgundy red and raspberry. Try the colors on your wedding day. When avoiding coral, orange, and bright purple colors for tan skin.

Color of dark skin lipstick

Lipstick for dark-skinned women can apply bright colors such as tangerine, fuschia, or coral pink for daylight. While at night the color choices are a vivid red, plum, and raspberry. Should not use dark brown color to make your appearance is not darker.

That’s some tips from us in choosing a lipstick for the wedding. Hopefully can be an inspiration and useful. Good luck…

How to make up the bride with dark skin

How to make up dark skin bridge to make it look more charming we will give through some tips that we provide in the review this time. The bride who has dark skin is a challenge for the makeup artist to be more careful, painstaking, and patient in dressing it up. For that, here we will provide basic tips that are easy to do to dress a bride who has dark skin. Makeup tutorial for black skin, make up for dark and oily skin, sweet black woman, bridal makeup, face shape, natural, lipstick color for a tan, below are some basic tips from us that you can make Reference:

 Selecting the Appropriate Foundation

Here is how to make up dark bridal skin by choosing the appropriate foundation. If the bride has brown skin, then the selected foundation color should match the color of the leather so that the foundation color can blend with the skin.

Choosing the Right Blush On

Here’s how to make up dark bridal skin by choosing the right blush on color. Orange color and piece on the cheek will be very appropriate if used on bride candidate with brown skinned.

 Choose Eye Shadow Natural Color

Here’s how to make up dark bridal skin by applying a natural colored eye shadow.To enhance the appearance of the eye on the dark-skinned bride, then it is advisable to

Choosing Lipstick With Color As per Skin

How to apply dark skin brides by choosing the appropriate lipstick color. The last touch of bridal makeup is to color the lips with lipstick. For lipstick color can choose to use dark colors, like dark red and dark brown. Both colors can sharpen the exotic appearance on the dark-skinned bride.

That’s how the dark skin bridal makes up we’ve described to you through some of the basic tips we’ve written above. Hopefully, these tips can help and be your reference in learning how to bridal makeup, especially for brides who have dark skin tone. So many brief reviews from us. Good luck and good luck.…

Tips on decorating a wedding car with flowers

Flowers are the best decoration for a wedding car. Lots of bridal cars decorated with ornamental flowers, from the original or artificial flowers or artificial, both still will look very beautiful and beautiful attached to the body of the car. The ornamental flowers of the bridal car generally do not have a size that is too large, usually small or maybe medium size. To be able to juggle a car to be beautiful with ornamental flowers, the bridal car is very necessary to combine the color of the car with the color of ornamental flowers that we want to use.

In addition, the theme of the wedding should also be a major concern in installing decorative car flowers. Actually, we can just put decorative flowers car with all the decorative flowers as we please, but by looking at the theme of the wedding than the atmosphere of marriage will be more meaningful and have its own impression. Usually, the ornamental flower of the bridal car is designed and shaped like a small corsage and to keep it firmly attached usually to the side pinned on the car’s door handle, for the rear will usually be mounted on the bumper. As for the front that will be the core of the ornamental car, flowers are usually placed on the car glass frame or hood of the front of the car.

One more, ribbons are the best friends of the bridal car flowers. By combining the ornamental flowers of the bridal car with a series of ribbon that is linked to other car parts will look more festive and beautiful. For ribbon color also need to be adjusted to the color of flowers and color of the car that will serve as a special car bride.

Now it is already a tren every bride and groom use wedding car when going to the wedding ceremony, the majority of people who do this are the upper middle class. Seeing the many people who use the wedding car with flower decoration, the artisans of ornamental flowers are increasingly emerging. In fact, many also people who also sell ornamental flowers car bride either a temporary or permanent nature can not be damaged alias. That’s some tips to decorate a wedding car with flowers. May be useful